About Downsizing Up


Hello, my name is Ruthmarie and welcome to Downsizing Up –  a website dedicated to the issues and solutions of downsizing your home.

Square footage – an increasingly expensive commodity…

This website has been inspired by my 12+ years of experience in real estate sales.  In recent years, the single biggest issue that comes up with nearly every buyer client is “space” –  or the lack of it.

In many parts of the US and developed world, a spacious home is a luxury that only a lucky few can afford. The issue of space and affordability has become increasingly difficult since the end of the housing recession. As prices have risen, my buyer clients have found themselves in an increasing squeeze between what they want, need and can actually afford.

Here is the good news…

There is nothing like being in and out of countless homes to make one realize that space is a relative. A thoughtfully decorated space with a good basic layout can seem more spacious than a larger home without those features.

At the end of the day, most people don’t need as much space as they think they do. They just need to make better use of the space they can comfortably afford.

This website is dedicated to helping you do just that. Making a home in a space that is practical and affordable. With a few compromises and an open mind, you CAN downsize in style. Living large in a smaller space is the new American Dream.

All the best,